Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Keeping Celery Crisp

Well, I don't have time for posting a recipe this week, but do have this great tip I read in a magazine recently.  We like celery, but have always struggled with it's short shelf-life....until now.  The article says to wrap the unwashed bunch in aluminum foil and the crispyness can last up to three weeks!  I have tried it and it works great, though ours usually doesn't stay around for three weeks.  Over all the other methods tried and mentioned in the article, like tupperware, water, saran wrap, and baggies, the foil worked the best and I have to agree.  


Villanueva Family said...

Do you know how to make bananas last longer. It seems like now that it's summer they are turning very quickly. HMM just wondering

Welsh Community Kitchen said...

The only way I know of is to put them in the fridge once they reach desired ripeness. The peel will turn brown but the banana inside will stop ripening I think. And if you use them to make smoothies, you can peel them and freeze them whole, adding to smoothies as needed.